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Buy better, with confidence

Making a choice that's good for you, people and planet isn't easy. Every brand talks about their products in a different way. So how do you know what good looks like?

Provenance helps you decide.

Everyday your choices shape our future

The products you buy have an impact. This could be positive, like supporting workers and their families. Or it could be negative, like polluting rivers and oceans. Every product and business is different, but we often don’t have the information to make the right choice.

Buy products that create change

Provenance aims to help you know if a product has a positive impact on people and planet.

We help brands open up information in a way you can trust. You can then decide if how a product is made matches what you care about. It could be improving economic equality, protecting land and forests or even reducing carbon footprint.

Your choices can drive businesses to make positive change. Provenance helps you make those choices.

No more greenwashing

Provenance works with brands to help prove what they say about their business and products. They can then publish this information on their own channels or through retailers.

Just look for claims that are ‘Powered by Provenance’ when shopping online or in-store.

Ethical and sustainability claims you can trust

Any time a brand says something using Provenance they have to support it by attaching evidence. This is to make sure brands can’t just say what they want.

They can then go further and have that claim verified as accurate by independent third parties. Just look for the green tick.

With Provenance, brands can no longer just say things without proof.

Why do only some claims have a verified tick?

This is because brands can provide two different levels of proof.

A ‘self-declared’ claim where the brand has attached evidence, like a signed statement. These don’t have a green tick but still show the brand can back up what they say.

A ‘verified’ claim goes further by having a third party confirm the claim is accurate. These have a green tick because involving an independent organisation is an even stronger way to prove a claim.

Create change with your choices

    When you see a claim that’s 'Powered by Provenance' you can be confident it means the same thing wherever you see it. Every brand needs to meet the same minimum standard to make a claim.


    Don’t waste time searching through FAQs to figure out if a product’s claims are true or not. When you browse online, see product information verified by independent third-parties.


    Provenance works at-a-glance - when shopping online, on a brand’s website and on the product itself. Still not convinced? All information powered by Provenance is interactive, just click through to see the evidence behind the words.


    Talk is cheap. Find out if brands are progressing on their commitments to people and planet year on year. Use this information to vote with your wallet, and ask for more if you can’t find it.


    We are a team of conscious citizens based in London. As a social enterprise and B-corp we prioritise making a positive impact on the world. Get to know us better.

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