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Use your purchasing power to drive real change. Look for stories and data-backed claims powered by Provenance at the point-of-sale. Discover the journeys and impact behind honest brands and products – online and in-store.

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Our plugins provide you with a gateway to the stories, impact, awards and standards behind products. Find them on e-commerce sites around the web.

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We equip physical products with a unique ID that enables the tracking of each item. Through the ID, you can access a secure digital history, along with verified claims, enriched with content from along the supply chain.

Look out for Provenance on the pack
Products are more than meets the eye. They are the sum of their creators’ work, history and ownership. What if there were a new digital dimension to products that gave verified information about their producers, origins and ingredients – creating transparency and accountability? We created Provenance to do just that. Jessi Baker
Founder & CEO of Provenance

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Browse featured products, stories and members near you - wherever you are. Claim products you buy and contribute to the stories of the products you love. Very soon, you can use our powerful search tool to find products with a particular provenance, ask questions and endorse the supply chains that touch your community.


Discover products with a story

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