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Engage directly with supermarket shoppers through on-pack transparency

Without a direct link to shoppers in a competitive market, how can an artisan bread business share the story behind the loaf with supermarket shoppers? Pontino used the Provenance platform to engage directly with shoppers and differentiate by opening up how their bread is made.


Pontino pride themselves on their mission to bring quality bread to people’s tables. Embracing traditional processes, with respect for the needs of the future, Pontino launched a new premium bread made with local ingredients and thoughtful production methods in supermarkets around Rome. Working with the Provenance platform, they are able to engage directly with their customers at these stores and differentiate their bread through transparency.

Working with



Engaging directly with shoppers to differentiate a premium product

With their latest bread, Pontino wanted to capture more value with a product made from local ingredients and thoughtful production methods. However, Pontino sell exclusively through supermarkets and didn’t have the opportunity to engage directly with shoppers. With limited shelf space and signage, Pontino needed to stand out against lower price alternatives.


Sharing the artisan production of the bread with QR-codes on-pack

Using the Provenance platform, Pontino collated the story behind their bread – from where the flour is sourced through to the kneading of the dough – in a digital, mobile-first format. This incorporated their supply-chain connections and processes, so shoppers have a full view of how the bread is made. The story is activated through a QR code that’s printed on the packaging of each loaf. This enables Pontino to share their story directly with the shopper in the supermarket or later at home.


Increased loyalty through transparency

In the first 3 months following the launch of their new premium bread, 18% of shoppers who scanned the QR code, did so more than once, showing engagement and returning customers. In total, 1% of all bread sold was scanned by shoppers – indicating that the transparency behind the bread is engaging their customers, serving to build a relationship with the brand in a third-party retail environment.

The benefits
  • Loyalty

    Create meaningful relationships with customers through transparency. Share values and stories that increase the engagement between you and your shoppers.

  • Collaboration

    Our platform enables collaboration between producers, brands, retailers and end customers – gathering the story throughout the chain.

  • Increase Engagement

    Bring transparency to your shoppers by connecting the physical to the digital. Directly link you to your customers by giving them your store in a mobile-first approach.

  • “For a ‘special’ bread we needed ‘special’ tools that could best illustrate what we are doing, and Provenance has been a perfect solution to trace the journey of this special bread. [...] We wanted to give the most transparency possible to the end consumer through the tools that Provenance provides”

    Marco Cimmino
    CEO, Pontino

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