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Empowering small food producers with digital transparency tools

The Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative were the first food company in the USA to use Provenance technology to track their products end-to-end, providing their customers with farm to fork transparency.


The Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative are passionate about good food and are on a mission to transform the way meat is produced and consumed across America. They raise healthy, happy animals on pasture in the shadow of the Ozark mountains in Arkansas, USA. They were one of the first small businesses and the first meat producer in the USA to use Provenance technology to bring absolute transparency to their customers: walking the walk behind the ‘farm to fork’ movement.

Working with



How can small businesses with an exceptional product create trust with their customers?

As a small business, how can you communicate your story to your customer when marketing is not enough to create trust in your claims?


Bringing the power of blockchain to small, independent businesses

Grass Roots farms and processing plants are using the Provenance platform to track their product from farm to fork, creating a digital history for each batch of products. As Grass Roots grows, they are committed to expanding this partnership.


Trust is established

Each pack of Grass Roots meat comes with its own label which customers can scan to see the journey behind the product. “It’s the fact that we tell them that they can see that journey that is important,” said Kerry Harrington, secretary of the Grass Roots board and founding farmer. “They might scan it once and then never again: trust is established.”

The benefits
  • Trust In Each Mouthful

    Each piece of chicken, pork and beef sold through Grass Roots comes with a label which shows customers exactly when and where the animal was raised, slaughtered and cured: leaving nothing to guesswork.

  • Levelling The Playing Field

    It can be hard to differentiate when your competitors are bigger than you. Provenance levels the playing field for SMEs by bringing your unique story to customers in an innovative trusted manner.

  • Innovation

    Bringing innovation to an age-old industry, Provenance technology can be applied to farming just as it can be to any other sector. Accessible to all of your supply chain partners, our platform brings simplicity to the blockchain.

  • We are proud of the work our butchers do and are excited to use the Provenance platform to highlight their role.

    Andy Shaw
    Grass Roots Operations Manager and CEO, Cypress Valley Meats
  • Grass Roots has always had transparency as a core value. Since inception we've had an open farm policy, and finding Provenance to complete this loop has been an exciting next step. We're committed to this, and to helping consumers across America know the source of their food.

    Cody Hopkins
    Founding Farmer and CEO, Grass Roots

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