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The platform for product transparency

91% of business leaders believe that transparency builds trust. We use technology to help open up your supply chain, prove impact and communicate with integrity.

The Consumer Goods Forum, 2018


Gather supply chain and impact data in one place

Brand, marketing, supply chain, sustainability – one system to manage the data and supporting information from across your teams, pulling information from brands and suppliers.


Organise impact data into a simple format you can communicate

Sustainability and supply chain information can be complicated to share with your shoppers.

Our Transparency Framework gives you a format to turn your data into valuable information shoppers can understand and trust. This is an open-source framework that has been benchmarked to international standards and uses third-party verified information.


Publish transparency content that’s right for your business

We know you might not be ready to communicate about everything from day one.

That’s why our publishing modules give you the flexibility to open up to different levels of transparency. From communicating individual areas of impact to full product traceability, you can choose what’s right for your business.


Show that your actions are more than words

Avoid the greenwash.

A Proof Point communicates the impact of your business and products by connecting what you say to real data from your supply chain. Each one is part of our Transparency Framework designed for shoppers to easily compare and trust what you say at the point of sale.

Learn more about how they work.


Engage shoppers with the story behind your products

Bring reality to your marketing stories.

A Product Story is a mobile-first experience to show the people, places and processes behind your product. Support your content with proof from your supply chain to create stories that shoppers can trust.


Show full transparency by connecting product traceability with impact

Your greatest impact lies in your supply chain.

Shoppers are connecting with the brands that are honest and open about where their products come from. Product Journeys are a way to deliver the traceability and impact information they demand in an interactive timeline and map.

Publish at key activation points

    Using a QR code or NFC chip customers can go deeper by scanning with their phones at home or in retail environments.


    Differentiate at the point of sale with interactive information that shows why your product is better.


    Add more integrity to your brand story by embedding Provenance content to help support what you say.


Learn what your customers care about

Target your sustainability messaging.

Explore your analytics to see what engages customers. Use these insights to optimize for the key messages on each channel.

Access data and publish easily by integrating with your existing software

Using our platform doesn’t have to mean changing how you work.

Whether you are pulling data from your supply chain tool or publishing it on your e-commerce platform, Provenance can integrate into your existing workflows.

The Benefits
  • Build trust

    From TripAdvisor to Amazon ratings – we are familiar with technology as a broker for trust. We use tech and third-party data all along the supply chain to create trust in what you say.

  • Collaborate

    Our platform enables collaboration between producers, brands, retailers and end customers – gathering the story throughout the chain

  • Verify with ease

    Invite third parties to verify your statements. Store the proof publicly and permanently on the blockchain.

  • Create loyalty

    Create meaningful relationships with customers who share your values. Build loyalty that turns into advocacy.

  • Prove authenticity

    Use Provenance to authenticate key product information, demonstrating true quality and tackling counterfeits or false claims from others.

  • Physical to digital

    We make it easy to bring Provenance to your brand ecosystem, reinforcing your online presence and bringing a digital dimension to your physical product labels.

Transparency and impact that builds customer relationships

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